US Fund for UNICEF

UNICEF or United Nations Children's Fund is a foundation that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance for children who are in need in various parts of the world. From the name itself, it strives to save lives and promote the well-being of children.

Through the years, it has pushed its members and staff to do their best to help the prevention of diseases, improvisation of sanitation, and hygiene and health practice education for children. Apart from children, it also expands its efforts towards the promotion of gender equality in countries where women are discriminated and oppressed.

It has been working in over one hundred and fifty countries since more than 50 years. As a global humanitarian aid organization, UNCEF has been providing children with everything they need to let them live disease free and healthy lives. It basically gives children the chances to experience the fun that a healthy childhood can offer them. Through the organization's never ending efforts, many children have received clean water, food and nutrition, immunizations and health care, security, emergency relief, and education.

UNICEF is able to extend its arms to more and more children every year through advocacy, fundraising, and awareness in the USA. Regardless of its powerful collaborative efforts, thousands of children still die every year from causes that are quite preventable. With this huge number of children dying, UNICEF does whatever it takes to stop this from happening and making the statistics become zero.

The US Fund for UNICEF does whatever it takes to help save every child suffering from poor and unmonitored health. Through partnerships from individuals, corporations, and even celebrities, the United States' Fund

for UNICEF has become stronger than ever. Through campaigns, funding for the organization has become phenomenal. With limitless donors within fifty years, UNICEF along with its humanitarian aid partners has decreased global mortality rate by fifty percent. With the will to help and the challenge to spread its mission, US Fund for UNICEF delivers service straight from the heart.


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