Purpose of the US Fund for UNICEF

Over twenty two thousand children die every day because of a preventable disease, which the UNICEF believes should not have to die. Many of these children lose their lives due to causes that Americans hardly ever worry about. Some of the most common and preventable reasons why these children die include lack of immunization or vaccination, unpalatable drinking water, and malnutrition. Stopping unnecessary deaths of children from poor countries and educating millions about health is a common mission that UNICEF shares with the world.

The organization's overall goal is to decrease children mortality rate to reach a day when zero is the number for children dying due to preventable causes. It aims to penetrate every corner of the world where children are deprived from proper health care and education. Through whatever means of transportation, be it on foot, camel, donkey, boat, motorcycle, truck or plane, UNICEF aims to help children as well as and their families.

UNICEF exists to provide vaccination to more than fifty percent of the globe's children. It aims to offer families proper sanitation and clean water for drinking. It has already helped over 1.8 billion individuals to have access to palatable water. Another purpose of US Fund for UNICEF is to help in the provision of nourishment for children for the prevention of malnutrition.

Moreover, among the many purposes of the organization's existence, it joins in the battle against AIDS by taking care of children who are affected with the disease. With this mission, it sees to it the pregnant women who have AIDS receive the right drugs to prevent the disease from being transmitted to their unborn child. The organization also functions to protect children against abuse and aims to stop and prevent child trafficking and exploitation.

Quality education for children is another great mission that US Funds for UNICEF adheres with. With a simple goal of helping children live well, the organization has grown to be a multifaceted system that has succeeded in helping the world too.


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